BBV Review

The Aptima® HIV-1 Quant Dx assay on the Panther® system

Load patient samples whenever you want without batch restrictions

  • Less than 3 hours to first quantitative result.
  • Complete testing for up to 320 samples in 8 hours* or up to 560 samples in 12 hours.
  • Load up to 120 samples at once, in any order and continue to load more as rack transfers are completed

Add further samples as they arrive

  • Prioritise urgent samples.
  • No aliquoting or manual transfer required.
  • Compatible with primary tubes including: PPT, serum, SST, ACD and EDTA tubes.

Small footprint. Big possibilities.

  • The Panther® system offers the highest output volume per square foot of any comparable molecular diagnostic instrument

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As a leader in molecular diagnostic solutions, Hologic thoughtfully blends engineering and science. Our innovative Aptima assays and advanced automation platforms work together to give laboratories the power to quickly and accurately detect and monitor infectious diseases. Our proven solutions help promote early detection, appropriate treatment and better outcomes—both clinical and financial.